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10 Grocery Shopping Tricks That Will Save Your Money

Shop your pantry first.

1. Hold on before you exit the door. “Build the food you already have,” says Amy Roberts, the blogger behind Rising Arrow. “” If I see something that needs to be used, I will intentionally pull the food out with something or just leave it on the counter where the children can find it. “

2. Continue a grocery list.

There are few things worse than getting home from the store to feel that nothing has come on your shopping list. Put an end to that! "I hang a printed grocery list on the clipboard in my pantry,” says Renee Bergeron, mother of 14 and author of the Little Earthling blog. “Attached is a pen and highlighter. As we are running low, I highlight items, and use the pen to bring down any additional items, not the list.” and try to buy grocery from trusted Online Grocery Shopping

3. Or use an app.

The whole family can edit the same virtual list on some new grocery shopping apps. Rachel Rothman, chief technologist at the Good Housekeeping Institute, likes AnyList, which also suggests common items you type and then seamlessly organizes them into categories based on different sections of the store.

4. Money Well Spent

Convenience is often worth the extra cost, especially when you are packing lunches or trying to control portions. Ward relies on a single-serving package of promet apples and carrot sticks for food to go to his three young daughters.

“Anything that you and your family will get to eat more fruits and vegetables is worth the extra expense, especially when you understand that there is no waste associated with washing and prefabricated production,” Ward says.

5. Save a few bucks by purchasing “off-brand”.

Most store brands produce the same version of many of your favorite brand-name foods (even if your children say they can taste a difference). We will not judge, nor will anyone else.

6. Keep in mind that it is equally important to know what you have, versus what you do not have.

This goes back to the # 1 point about being intentional and thoughtful with your shopping list. The food that you already have waiting for you at home is the basis of inspiration for your future meal - thus, the driving factor for what you buy at the store. In this way all your food at home is used at some point.

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7. Payments with cash stick to a budget.

At the beginning of the month, Kauffman puts the allocated grocery money in an envelope. “When the money is gone, I've been shopping for months,” she says. “It's easy for me to see where I stand with the budget and, because I won't let my family starve, I make careful choices as I shop around to make sure the budget goes.” He used to pay for groceries with a credit card, which was great because he would get rewards, but Kaufman says that paying with cash has halved his spending!

8. Coupons exist, so use them!

It does not need to be turned into an extreme sport or an obsessive hobby. However, if you meet your needs, don't lose it. If you often have the same stores for your regular shopping, see if coupon apps can help you save a few dollars there.

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